Mike Chioda Waiting For A Call From AEW

Mike Chioda is hoping his phone rings with a call from AEW

Mike Chioda is hoping for another run in All Elite Wrestling. 

While speaking on about a possible AEW return for CM Punk, Chioda stated: 

"Would I love to do that other show? Am I waiting for that phone to ring? Yeah, I am. Would I love to get back in the ring with CM Punk and work with him? Hell yeah. I'll work with anybody. Of course, you cater to him. Who hasn't been catered to? All these catered to guys got buses. If they're drawing the money, you're pushing them. When John Cena was catered to, he had a bus. Like 90% of the merchandise that was up in the stands all the time was all John Cena. They used to hear it from all the boys. The boys said, 'Oh man, none of my merch is up there. None of my frickin merch is up there.' Going into August to Wembley Stadium with AEW, you're gonna need CM Punk there to draw that crowd. Don't think he ain't gonna be on that card."

Chioda has made sporadic appearances in AEW since he was first brought in after lobbying from Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho in August 2020. His most recent appearance in All Elite Wrestling was at the 2022 Double or Nothing pay-per-view where he refereed the final of the Owen Hart Foundation men's tournament between Adam Cole and Samoa Joe. 

Chioda previously worked as an on-screen referee in WWE from 1989 until his release in 2020. 

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