Mike Rotunda Comments On His WWE Release

IRS was let go last week...

On September 10, WWE initiated another round of cutbacks and numerous employees at Titan Towers were let go. WWE producers Mike Rotunda and Sarah Stock were also let go along with former road agent and booker Gerald Brisco. 

Rotunda's release brought to an end a 14-year run with the company. The former Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) commented on his release during a recent appearance on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast.

He said: "I got furloughed in the middle of April along with a number of other people. So, it's been quite some time and it didn't look like it was gonna open back up. I kinda prepared myself for it but I wasn't exactly sure what was gonna happen, which I'm fine with it. Like you said, I had a long run there. 

"I'm 62-years-old, and to be quite honest with you, it was harder and harder to do all the travelling and keep that pace. It definitely helps being a little younger when you're trying to keep the pace working for WWE. Especially when my whole time there we did live shows. Depending on which show you were on we did both television shows and I did a ton of live events which were like Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then TV’s were Monday, Tuesday until they switched to Friday Night SmackDown. 

"So, I definitely put a lot of time in on the road and it’s kinda nice being at home. My wife and I have been married it'll be 36 years in October and all but three years of that I've been on the road. So, I mean that's a long time and I'm actually kind of enjoying being able to be home more and being around my wife and see my grandkids some more and get the chance to go fishing some more." 

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