MJF Addresses Criticism Of Controversial AEW Dynamite Segment With Juice Robinson

MJF has commented on the controversial Juice Robinson ‘quarters’ segment on AEW Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling have found themselves gaining negative press for an angle on the October 10 edition of Dynamite that saw Juice Robinson dedicating a roll of quarters to MJF, with the angle having antisemitic overtones.

MJF - who is Jewish - has taken to Twitter/X to comment on the angle, saying the following:

“Tonight that piece of s***, Juice Robinson decided to bring up a story from my childhood that has left me scared. I’m glad he did. He brought awareness to something we’ve all gone through in one way, shape, or form in our lives. On behalf of anyone who’s ever been bullied for being different in any capacity. I look forward to leaving him scared too. I also look forward to this Thursday's #StandUpToJewishHate”

The AEW World Champion is set to speak at an event to combat anti-semitism on Thursday, October 12.

The timing of the angle has drawn criticism due to the real-life issues between Israel and Palestine, with the decades-old conflict in the headlines once more after a recent series of escalating attacks between the two.

MJF also posted the following about the angle:

“Muhammad Hassan was portraying an evil Muslim terrorist. I’m actually Jewish. I’ve actually gone through this. This is my real life!!!!! MY STORY! And I Look forward to giving Catharsis to every single person who’s ever been oppressed or bullied. If you think I’d play with that or take it lying down or WORST OF ALL Hide from the hard conversations like a coward… You’re on crazy pills. 

“I look forward to the hard conversations this starts and creates. I look forward to people being further educated. My life’s work is to stand up to any and all injustices done to people due to something as Stupid as being different. 

“To anyone that thinks that can’t be done through the avenue of professional wrestling. Then that’s an indictment on things that have happened in this sports past.

“I look forward to bringing this sport into the present. I look forward to knocking Juice Robinson’s teeth down his throat. And most of all I look forward to getting back the Triple B!”

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