MJF & Dax Harwood Reportedly Ejected Imposter From AEW Locker Room

The fan claimed to be an extra booked for the show

MJF and Dax Harwood reportedly had to eject a fan posing as an extra from the AEW locker room at last week's AEW Dynamite show.

Fightful Select reports on the unusual situation, which saw a fan permitted access to the AEW backstage area at last week's show in Long Island, New York by UBS Arena security after he told them he was a booked extra talent for the event.

It is noted that the fan made his way into the locker room, where the situation quickly unravelled. He sat in Dax Harwood's seat and was informed of such. The individual apologised, noted he was an extra, and then moved over to another seat that actually belonged to The Blade.

Other people in the locker room began questioning the individual, as something was clearly off. When asked who trained him, the imposter claimed it was 'Jeff Hardy', although the former WWE talent does not train wrestlers. 

The person was then unable to correctly recall who would have booked him for the work with AEW, naming someone who wouldn't be involved in that line of work, leading to MJF and Harwood removing the imposter from the dressing room. They took the person to a backstage official, who was able to identify the fan as the same person who was kicked out of an AEW show in Boston back in October.

Fightful reports that, despite the incident, there is no heat on AEW's security as the responsibility of access to the backstage area laid with the UBS Arena security. One source indicates that they are just happy the situation was resolved without physicality, given what occurred with Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw last month.

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