MJF Teases Retirement Following AEW Double Or Nothing

Take it with a pinch of salt, but MJF has teased retiring from pro wrestling

MJF has spoken about taking his ball and going home over the past year and while many assumed that to mean WWE, Maxwell Jacob Friedman revealed during the post-Double or Nothing media scrum that he might just quit the business.

"I'm dead serious. If I literally retire today, this is not hyperbole, I've had one of the best professional wrestling runs in the history of the business, that's a fact. Best oratory exhibitions, best Iron Man Match, best singles Dog Collar Match, tonight I had the best Four-Way. Also, some of the best rivalries in the history of the sport; Cody Rhodes, Wardlow, CM Punk, Danielson, and that's just to name a few. I'm pretty sure if I called it quits, I've had a Hall of Fame career, which is why, quite frankly, when I say 'take my ball and go home,' earmuffs Tony, everybody thinks I'm talking about WWE," Friedman said.

"Now, does Nick Khan want me to work in his company? Sure. Does Triple H want me to work in his company? Sure. [Looking at Tony], calm down, it's fine, or maybe it's not, but I'm kind of bored of this sport and I'm bored of the lack of respect from professional wrestling fans, so when I say 'take my ball and go home,' I mean literally, just hang it up, and f**k up the lineage of this title. Frankly, I don't know if anybody is worthy of beating me for this thing. Now, I'm not just going to hand it away, why would I do that? I earned this thing. Please, by all means, take it off of me, somebody put me out of my misery. Until then, we'll see what happens."

So we may not get the great bidding war of 2024 between AEW and WWE for MJF's services after all.

Friedman remains AEW World Champion, having won a Four-Way against Darby Allin, "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, and Sammy Guevara in one of the headline matches at Double or Nothing on May 28. MJF has been world champion since defeating Jon Moxley for the gold at Full Gear in November 2022. 

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