MLW's Jacob Fatu Talks Advice From Anoa'i Family

“We just all connected, but I think they’re more exciting and more nervous about the match though than I am.”

MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu has the fight of his life ahead of him at MLW Fightland on Saturday, when he takes on MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone in a Title vs. Title clash.

Fatu is of course part of the legendary Anoa’i wrestling family, and in an interview with Wrestling Inc. Daily, revealed if he’d received any advice from the family ahead of his huge bout:

“Oh, absolutely. It’s not even Pops [The Tonga Kid]. It’s everybody that’s involved with the business, even my family that’s seeing the stuff all over social media,” Fatu noted. “I think just him being excited is just enough advice for me to really go in there and do what I do, but absolutely, man, with Pops, he’s always there. Uncle Kishi [Rikishi] is always there. Shoutout to The Usos and brother Roman [Reigns] too. We just all connected, but I think they’re more exciting and more nervous about the match though than I am.

“It feels good, man. They know the work I put in and vice versa because this isn’t just a family where it’s just, ‘Oh yeah, we’re cousins, and we don’t talk.’ No, we’re all really tapped in with each other, and it’s nothing but motivation. It’s nothing but happiness because we know that grind where we come from, but not only that, we also know what our uncles and our fathers have done for us to open up the doors and lay the mat down for us. We really respect what’s going on but also too, really put in that work. It’s good. I wouldn’t have it no other way. I’m glad I’m part of the Anoa’i/Fatu family.”

With two current world champions in the family, has Fatu talked business with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns?

“You know what, we haven’t, but I was with Jey a couple of weeks ago,” Fatu revealed. “But when we do talk, though, even if it’s just seeing each other on the road, or sometimes in an airport or whatever it is, they know the work they doing, you know. We just fill it. It’s weird, when you’re family like that and you’re really tapped in with your family, you just kind of fill it, plus our family is so big too where word gets around anyways. But when it is time to sit down at that table and for us to really talk about what’s going on with them on that side, it’s gonna be something good for us and also for our kids as well.”

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