Moose On IMPACT Wrestling's Recent Improvement

The IMPACT star spoke about various topics, including last months' Redemption pay per view.

We recently spoke with IMPACT Wrestling star Moose, discussing the reasons for IMPACT's recent improvement in 2018, as well as some specific details about his own experiences in the wrestling business.

Last month, the promotion's Redemption pay per view garnered positive reviews from the online wrestling community - the sign of a general improvement in IMPACT since the restructuring of their management. Moose was keen to emphasise the role that IMPACT's creative team have played in this success:

"Don [Callis] and Scott [D'Amore] and Sonjay [Dutt] are all great minds and have great knowledge of wrestling, and great knowledge of indy wrestling [...] IMPACT is like a combination of both. We have some indy wrestling and some TV wrestling, and when you combine the two it makes for real good television. That's what I think you saw at Redemption, and that's what I think you'll see more of heading forward."

At that pay per view, Moose took part in a House of Hardcore Six-Man Tag Match alongside Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer, taking on the Ohio Versus Everything stable led by Sami Callihan. When asked about the challenge of competing in that sort of bout, he was keen to give credit to his fellow roster members.

"I think when you put me in a ring with guys like Sami and Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer, it just makes my job so much easier because those guys are so skilled, and such great wrestlers."

He also spoke on his transition from a pro sports background into wrestling, having competed into the NFL prior to his debut in 2014 - specifically in terms of mic skills and emphasising his personality.

"It was a little bit natural because in football, and in pro sports in general, you have to do a lot of interviews. I had a lot of practice in doing that, from right after the game in the locker room [...] Doing that and cutting a wrestling promo is a little bit different, but I had some practice in that aspect thanks to my football background, so the transition came a little bit easily."

Moose appears on IMPACT Wrestling, which airs in the UK on 5Spike every Friday night at 11PM.

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