MVP Pitches Hurt Business Reunion On WWE Raw

Could The Hurt Business get back together on WWE RAW? MVP is game

Ever since they were nonsensically broken up, fans and wrestlers alike have clamoured for a Hurt Business reunion in WWE.

Now it seems we could be one step closer to an official Hurt Business reunion, with MVP approaching Lashley in a backstage segment on the January 9 edition of WWE Raw, revealing that it was he who got the former WWE Champion reinstated after being suspended by Adam Pearce several weeks back.

MVP continued, saying he wants to ‘mend fences’ after successfully reuniting the tag team of Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, before telling Lashley to give him a call if he wants to do ‘business’.

During their time together The Hurt Business were very successful, with Lashley picking up the WWE and US Titles during his time with the group, whilst Shelton and Cedric reigned as WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. 

Since being split, Lashley and MVP have been very vocal in their displeasure at the act being cut short, and have both admitted that they’d be more than willing to reform the group.

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