Nikki Cross Discusses The Inspiration Behind Her 'Almost A Superhero' WWE Gimmick

Cross has donned her new outfit for two weeks

Nikki Cross has revealed she began building the idea for her new 'Almost A Superhero' character in WWE in January.

Cross debuted her new outfit and gimmick on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago on the back of a recent winning streak, defeating the likes of Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley.

The former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion says she wants to help inspire children and aid them in recognising that being a superhero comes from being a good person.

Speaking on El Brunch de WWE, Cross said: "So the idea started to form right around the Royal Rumble. For me, I always really took a lot of inspiration, a lot of comfort, a lot of escapism in superhero movies and superhero television shows.

"You know, growing up in Scotland as a little girl, I would always watch the X-Men cartoon and the Spiderman cartoon so for me, I really wanted to come up with something that was very inspirational to little girls and boys and just something that’s a very positive message.

"So for me, it’s the whole thing, the whole message is I don’t have super powers, I don’t have super speed, I don’t have super strength, I can’t fly unfortunately. You know, but you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. You can be a superhero by being good to people, to be kind, to always try and look out for others, stand up for those in need and for me that’s a really important message of it is we can always be better, we can always do better and the idea is I put on this cape and I put this mask out, put this outfit on, this lovely, cute little leotard, I put on these wrist gauntlets and I can try anything and I really just want that kind of — that’s the message of almost a superhero.

"I’m just so excited and I’m so proud of everything and you know, the butterfly on the outfit represents this metamorphosis, this transformation and then the lighting bolt around the butterfly, that’s a spark. Everyone has a spark. For me, it’s a super charge. It’s like dynamic, energy, positivity, love. It’s all of that and that’s really the core, the heart of the character."

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