No Deal Agreed Between CM Punk & WWE

CM Punk is yet to sign with WWE

There have been plenty of rumours and speculation about CM Punk potentially going back to WWE ever since the 44-year-old was fired with cause by All Elite Wrestling in early September. 

WWE publicly appear to be keen to work with Punk. WWE President Nick Khan did not rule out a CM Punk return when asked about the Second City Saviour, instead wishing Punk nothing but the best. Shawn Michaels, meanwhile, has said he would love to have Punk in NXT, while also noting the final decision was well above his pay grade. 

Reports, meanwhile, have noted there are major stumbling blocks to a Punk return, with the former World Heavyweight Champion believed to still have heat with members of WWE management

In the latest update, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that as of today, no deal has been agreed between CM Punk and WWE. The final decision on if Punk does come back will ultimately be made by Vince McMahon. McMahon is very much 'the wrestling guy' in the TKO Group Holdings hierarchy and the 78-year-old holds ultimate power on WWE's on-screen product

Even if WWE do sign CM Punk, Meltzer doubts Punk would be booked on the Tuesday night show unless he is utilised in a similar way to Becky Lynch. 

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