Optimus Prime Hits A Burning Hammer In Transformers #3

Optimus Prime sets his sights on the Triple Crown

The King’s Road style lives on in the Transformers universe, after legendary Autobot leader Optimus Prime hit a devastating Burning Hammer on Decepticon Skywarp in a heated battle.

Prime channeled the great Kenta Kobashi in the latest Transformers #3 comic by Daniel Warren Johnson as part of the new Energon Universe run. The new Transformers run shares a universe with GI Joe, with both titles published through Robert Kirkman’s Skybound after they gained the Transformers license from IDW Comics.

Optimus Prime is heralded as one of the Four Pillars of Cybertron, alongside Ultra Magnus, Jazz, and Rodimus Prime, and it remains to be seen if Jazz will hit his patented Tiger Driver '91 on Thundercracker in an upcoming issue.

The inclusion of the Burning Hammer should come as little surprise, as series head Daniel Warren Johnson is a known wrestling fan, having earlier released the limited series 'Do A Powerbomb' through Image Comics.

The worlds of pro wrestling and comics share a deep history, with WCW having a comic series through Marvel in the early 90s, whilst WWE have had several comic books throughout the years, including the frankly odd Krozor.

And let’s not mention the Ultimate Warrior’s absolutely bats*** comic book in the mid-90s.

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