Origin Of Roderick Strong Yelling "ADAM" Revealed

Roderick Strong has explained where "ADAM!" came from

Roderick Strong signed with AEW back in 2023, aligning himself with long-term friend Adam Cole. After a while, a neck-braced and injured Strong would steadily undergo a heel turn, becoming more and more incensed with the budding partnership between MJF and Adam Cole. 

Strong’s character showed traits of a jealous ex, and he would begin doing an array of bizarre things such as shouting “ADAM!” at the top of his lungs. This got over with the crowd, and it has become somewhat of a catchphrase for Strong ever since. Speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Strong revealed that the origins of this came from his son. 

“Some of the production people started coming [up to me] who worked behind the scenes. And they’re like, yeah, the fans are screaming it before the show. It’s like, Woo and Adam! Then I was just like, Oh my God, because a lot of stuff was pre-taped and or filmed off-site. So then the first time that I got to really, like after a stretch go out in front of the people. And I was like, Oh, my God, this is ridiculous. And it’s kind of funny, because the yelling happened. But then it was like, I can’t just yell everything. It’s funny because my son does the thing when he’s fired up and he’s so mad. He just will yell one of the words he’s saying. Sometimes it’s the right word, sometimes it’s not. And then he just talks really calm afterwards. And I thought, like, oh, man, that’s hilarious. So that’s kind of the yelling and then like this monotone speaking was kind of just mimicking him.”

Strong went on to discuss his neck brace getting over too, with him wearing it everywhere despite no longer needing it. He admitted that he did have to stop wearing it so frequently though, as doctors stated that it was weakening his neck in the long run. 


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Written by Andrew Kelly