Pat McAfee Appears At Fastlane, Endorses Indianapolis WrestleMania

Pat McAfee wants WrestleMania to come to Indianapolis

Pat McAfee made a second surprise WWE appearance in a month as he showed up at the Fastlane premium live event last night. The show took place in Indianapolis which is the hometown of McAfee, and he came out in front of his people to endorse a WrestleMania for the city. 

He talked up Indianapolis, stating that the crowd is always up for the task when WWE are in town. He said they have deserved a WrestleMania for a while, much to the support and buzz of the fans in the arena. The way the segment played out, it screamed of how John Cena emerged at the 2023 Money in the Bank event earlier this year to endorse a London-based WrestleMania, even though there wasn’t anything confirmed.

In fact, when asked at the Fastlane 2023 press conference, Triple H gave a non-committal answer, saying that everyone wants a WrestleMania. Much like Cena in London, McAfee in Indianapolis could be to drum up interest and perhaps a bidding war over the host city of the show. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly