Pat McAfee "Confident" He Will Work With Michael Cole Again

Pat McAfee can see himself working with Michael Cole again in the future

The commentary duo of Pat McAfee and Michael Cole are among the most popular in recent memory in WWE, though due to McAfee focusing on other outside endeavours, he hasn’t been at the commentary desk for some time, aside from the odd cameo here and there. 

McAfee made a surprise appearance on WWE SmackDown last night during a segment which also involved the huge return of The Rock, who laid out Austin Theory. After his appearance, McAfee was interviewed backstage and was asked about the new, more laid-back version of Michael Cole which has been seen in recent times following his work alongside McAfee.

“I love it. He always has to be the buttoned-up guy, doing the play-by-play, which he is the greatest of all time, bar none. I understand there’s a conversation for some other people, but they haven’t been paying attention close enough. What Michael Cole has done throughout his career at the WWE is second-to-none. But now he’s got a little attitude, a little spice, a little personality. He looks unbelievable. I’m incredibly lucky that I got to work with Michael Cole, and I am still very confident that it will happen again.”

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Written by Andrew Kelly