Paul Wight Wants To Portray Captain Insano Again Before He Retires

Paul Wight isn't retiring until he is Captain Insano once again

Paul Wight hasn’t stepped foot in a professional wrestling ring for quite some time now, with his last match coming in March of 2022 when he squashed Austin Green on an episode of AEW Dark: Elevation. Over the last two years or so, Wight has wrestled in four matches for AEW, with the most prominent being at All Out 2021 against QT Marshall. 

Even though his time in the ring has slowed down substantially, both through age and injury, it seems as though his time in the ring may not be done just yet, as there are still things the former multi-time WWE and WCW World Champion wants to do. When responding to a fan on Twitter who asked if Wight has any plans to write a book, he had this to say;

“Probably not. Well at least not until I retire. I’m still writing chapters in my life. Going to have fun with Captain Insano before I hang up the boots for good. But thank you for the inquiry.” 

Captain Insano was a character played by Wight in the film The Waterboy, with him also donning the character during an Acclaimed music video in AEW too. It was noted a couple years back that AEW has acquired the trademark to the name, meaning that it is a real possibility that Wight will be Captain Insano once again in the future.

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Written by Andrew Kelly