Possible WWE Plans For CM Punk While Injured Revealed

How could WWE potentially use CM Punk during his recovery from injury?

CM Punk could potentially be used on WWE commentary while recovering from injury, according to close friend Ace Steel.

In an interview on the upcoming episode of Fightful's Wrestling Perspective podcast (due to come out today) Steel said the following:

"Definitely, they want him commentary, they want him on commentary. [...] I don't know that they go that route since they did an injury angle to pull him out, since they did the storyline on him. There's the physicality that puts him out. I personally don't want to see him in an onscreen role unless it's in the meantime, [such as] doing NXT or something. I really don't want to see him on the same show as Drew McIntyre, because his sole focus would be going after Drew McIntyre."

Punk recently underwent surgery after tearing his triceps during the men's Royal Rumble match on January 28. The injury means he'll miss WrestleMania 40, which would have been his first Mania since returning to WWE at last year's Survivor Series.

The injury was addressed by Punk on the episode of Raw following the Royal Rumble event, only for it to be worsened (in storyline) courtesy of an attack from Drew McIntyre. Drew has since taken great delight in mocking Punk for the injury.

H/T Fightful Select.

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