Reason Alexa Bliss Missed This Week's WWE Raw & SmackDown Live Reportedly Revealed

Will Alexa be ready for Extreme Rules on Sunday?

The build towards the SmackDown Live Women's Championship match this Sunday at Extreme Rules has centred around Nikki Cross.

On this week's Raw Nikki defeated Bayley in a beat the clock challenge, and because of that got to pick the stipulation for Sunday's match.

Nikki picked a handicap match, before teasing the return of Sasha Banks by lambasting Bayley for not having a friend like she does with Alexa.

Then, on Tuesday's SmackDown Live Nikki and Bayley signed the contract for Sunday's match before the former SAnitY member defeated Carmella.

Even though the storyline has all been about Alexa having a match Nikki thoroughly deserves, it was still strange to see no Little Miss Bliss whatsoever during this go-home week for Extreme Rules.

It turns out Alexa has been struggling with a "very bad" sinus infection, those over at Wrestling Observer Radio have revealed.

Reddit user seven84td has provided some insight as to what the former women's champion could be going through right now: "As someone who has a severely deviated septum and gets chronic sinus infections, it can be a really debilitating thing. I missed two weeks of work recently because I was so dizzy and messed up. I feel for Alexa."

Everyone here at Cultaholic wishes Alexa all the best with her recovery.

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