Reason CM Punk Returned To Professional Wrestling On Friday Potentially Revealed

Former WWE Champion might have been under a mask on Friday...

This is still unconfirmed by the man himself at the time of writing - although it has been confirmed by others involved in the show -  but it appears former WWE Champion CM Punk returned to a professional wrestling ring over the weekend.

On Friday night at an event held by the Wisconsin-based MKE promotion (owned by ROH star Silas Young), a masked man interfered during a match, hitting Daryck St. Holmes with a Go to Sleep before quickly exiting from the building. That man was supposedly CM Punk...

Two-time ROH TV Champion Young recently appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio, and without absolutely confirming Punk was the man with the mask, playfully toyed and speculated that it was indeed him.

In the process, Silas offered an explanation that gave a legitimate reason for the UFC contracted fighter being at the event on Friday: “I mean, I gotta be 100% honest with you, there’s definitely some rumours going around that it was CM Punk.

"You know, that’s the building where he kind of got his start at. And shortly before that match happened, my wife came up to me, because she was one of the managers in that match, and said, ‘I heard Punk’s going to do a run in.’ And I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ She said ‘Yeah.'

“I mean, it made sense with the match being with Ace Steel and having Dave Prazak involved. Those guys are longtime friends, they broke into the business, and Punk, I think, maybe had his first match in that building. That building’s had wrestling for years, a lot of guys got their start there. And unfortunately it’s going to be torn down early next month, we were the last event there. I think it’s one of those things where he wanted to pay a little respect or homage."

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