Released WWE Talent Reportedly Facing Anxious Visa Situation

Talent from outside the US need a visa to work

A host of released wrestlers by WWE are reportedly facing concerns with securing work visas to remain in the United States.

With WWE allowing a high number of talent and performers to depart the promotion this year across all levels of their roster, a host of wrestlers who aren't United States citizens are facing a difficult situation regarding working in the country. 

The likes of Chelsea Green, Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay have spoken openly about their issues with visas on their respective podcasts and Fightful Select are reporting that they have also spoken to released talent in a similar situation. 

Without a visa, released superstars are unable to monetise any of their outside interests, meaning they aren't earning an income.

With WWE providing most talent with a 90-day non-compete clause, wrestlers who aren't US citizens are given this 90 day period as well as an additional 60 days in order to either sort their visa issues or make preparations to return to their home country. In essence, these superstars have five months following their WWE release to find a resolution. 

The report notes that this situation is a major point of concern for talent across the board, even wrestlers originally from outside the United States who would be in demand from other promotions following their WWE release.

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