Renee Paquette: Why I Think CM Punk Chose AEW

Paquette gives her thoughts

After seven years away from the squared circle, CM Punk returned to professional wrestling on the August 20 edition of AEW Rampage. 

How Punk's return came about has previously been revealed, and Renee Paquette played a big part in The Second City Saviour's comeback by helping reignite his love for wrestling on WWE Backstage, the FOX show that she hosted. 

Speaking about Punk's comeback with Wrestling Inc, Paquette detailed why she thinks the new AEW signing chose Tony Khan's promotion. 

"I think the thing with WWE that everyone says is, never say never. So if Punk were to have ended up back in WWE, I don't think I would have been so floored by it because I think no matter what, everyone's just kind of waiting. 'When's he gonna put the boots back on? When are we gonna get CM Punk back in the ring?' And honestly, as more time was passing, I was like, sh*t, are we ever gonna see this? Is it never gonna happen?" Paquette said.

"So I think for him to be able to sit back, and I know he took the time over the pandemic and watching these no crowd shows and what was going on with AEW, to now fans are back, and he came back at obviously the perfect time in Chicago from past pay-per-view to showing up on Rampage. I'm not surprised that it was AEW that he decided to go to. I think the thing for him, whether it's talking money, talking dates, whatever it comes down to, it's the storylines and the people that he wants to work with," she continued.

"I don't think there was anything fresh and new in WWE that he really wanted to do. I don't think there was anyone there that he wanted to work that he hasn't already worked, storylines he's not already been able to do. Whether it was at AEW, or Ring of Honor or what have you, to now looking at things being busted wide open at AEW and having Adam Cole there now. You've got Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, for him to be able to tag with Bryan Danielson, that was one thing that he mentioned to me on my podcast. I think it's just those other opportunities and different avenues that he can kind of take his career now. I think that's what really spoke to him more so than somebody driving a truck of cash up to his house, which hopefully he got that too."

Since returning in AEW, Punk has faced Darby Allin at All Out and the 42-year-old will take on Powerhouse Hobbs at Wednesday's AEW Rampage tapings from Arthur Ashe Stadium. The match will then air on Friday, September 24. 

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