Report: AEW Backstage Fight From Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks' Perspective Revealed

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks' side detail what happened

As the fallout from the backstage fight between The Elite, CM Punk and Ace Steel continues, a new account of what happened has emerged. 

Much remains disputed about what took place after CM Punk's inflammatory post-All Out press conference. Several outlets have reported, however, that CM Punk threw punches at The Young Bucks, while Ace Steel became involved on the side of Punk, bit Kenny Omega and threw a chair at Nick Jackson. Both sides were then separated and The Elite left the area after much shouting and cursing. 

What took place from CM Punk and Ace Steel's perspective has already been revealed but Fightful Select have now heard an account of events from The Elite's side of things. 

According to those close to The Elite, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega went to speak to CM Punk, something which the former AEW World Champion said they should do if they had a problem. The Elite then didn't kick down the door, instead simply opening it, but before Matt Jackson could say anything, Punk went off and "started throwing sucker punches at Matt's head." 

At this point, Nick Jackson tried to intervene and Ace Steel threw a chair which hit the former AEW World Tag Team Champion in the face. 

Kenny Omega's involvement revolved around him trying to remove CM Punk's dog, Larry, from the area to keep him safe since he was "barking and going nuts." Once Omega got Larry to safety, Kenny tried to get Ace Steel off Nick Jackson. In retaliation, Steel bit Omega and pulled his hair. 

In a more light-hearted moment, when someone joked that Omega got bit, it was assumed Larry bit Omega before they discovered it was allegedly Steel. 

Following the fisticuffs, shouting continued, according to The Elite's side, and Punk's side made legal threats. 

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