Report: Alexa Bliss Pulled From WWE Raw

Bliss wasn't used this week

Raw's numerous rewrites ultimately resulted in Alexa Bliss being kept off the show. 

WWE advertised three matches ahead of the August 30 episode from Oklahoma City, including Sheamus vs. Bobby Lashley and The Miz vs. John Morrison, but none of the matches ended up taking place. 

Vince McMahon was said to be the "loudest and angriest" that WWE creative had ever seen him ahead of Raw going on the air and the boss was "extremely unhappy" about the original Raw script. As a result, the show went through several rewrites before McMahon eventually wrote out the episode and decreed what would be happening to the creative team. 

According to WrestlingNews.co, Alexa Bliss was originally scheduled to appear on Raw, but she was eventually left off the episode after Vince McMahon tore up one of the scripts for Monday's episode. 

Bliss was backstage in Oklahoma City, though, as she wrote on Twitter: "Haha I didn't 'miss' RAW. I was very much there."

The multi-time women's champion looked set to feud with Charlotte Flair heading into Extreme Rules after Bliss confronted The Queen last week. That was all forgotten about on the August 30 Raw, though, and Flair went one on one with Nia Jax instead. 

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