Report: Anonymous WWE Superstar Says Some Employees Don't Want To Work TV Tapings But Are Afraid To Tell Management

They're scared of the Roman Reigns treatment...

Yesterday, a WWE employee named John submitted a public comment to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners. The employee said he was being forced to work TV tapings by the company and that he was not comfortable approaching higher-ups with his concerns because he thinks he will be fired. 

WWE released a statement shortly after, stating: "These accusations aren't true. Employees know they can confidentially go to Human Resources, not the public. Notwithstanding the appropriate protocol, no one would be fired if they were uncomfortable with their surroundings. We’ve made accommodations for individuals upon request."

Paul Davis at WrestlingNews.co revealed he had spoken to a WWE Superstar yesterday who told him that "some of the people you see" on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown don't want to work the tapings. However, after the company made cutbacks last week, employees are afraid to approach management as they don't want to risk being fired. 

The wrestler told Davis: "Look at Roman, their biggest star and they don't mention him anymore because he went home. I can't say anything because I need to put food on my table. Some of the people you see on Raw and SmackDown don't want to be there."

The Superstar later added: "If anything, the releases from last week makes people want to speak out even less because they know Vince is looking to cut costs. Who wants to risk getting fired right now?"

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