Report: Backstage News On Randy Orton Setting The Fiend On Fire At WWE TLC 2020

Will The Fiend return a changed man...

During a year in which AJ Styles was buried alive, Rey Mysterio had his eye gouged out and Braun Strowman drowned in a swamp, WWE closed out the final pay-per-view of the year with Randy Orton setting The Fiend on fire during their Firefly Inferno Match. 

Many were surprised The Fiend vs. Randy Orton closed out the show, and according to WrestleVotes, this wasn't the original plan. 

They tweeted: "The Inferno Match was pre-taped this afternoon and as of the first rundown, wasn't scheduled to be the main event. Interesting move."

Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co later noted the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens was originally scheduled to go on last, but those plans were changed. 

Davis also noted the Firefly Inferno Match was taped earlier on Sunday. Some of the more dangerous spots were retaped, including the spot where The Fiend almost set Orton on fire while he was laid out on the rocking chair. 

The closing spot where The Eater Of Worlds was engulfed in flames was edited together. The real-life Wyatt was, of course, switched out for a dummy.

Extra special precautions were also taken because of the nature of the match. Members of the company's backstage crew were at ringside with fire extinguishers so they could put out various fires.

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