Report: Backstage News On The Broken Turnbuckle Spot On WWE Raw

All about the commercial break

The storyline between Keith Lee and Sheamus continued on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw and both men ended up pulling double duty. Drew McIntyre's friends initially teamed together against The Miz and John Morrison, but became angry with one another after the victory and squared off in a singles match. 

During the match against Miz and Morrison, Keith Lee Shoulder Tackled The Shaman Of Sexy into the turnbuckle, causing it to explode. The show then went to a commercial break and the ring had mostly been fixed by the time the broadcast returned. 

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE planned the spot because they wanted to do "something really spectacular" to ensure people didn't change the channel during the ad break. 

Meltzer said: "The point of the spot was to break for a commercial... The mentality is that right before the commercial you have to do something really spectacular to hook people. So, in this case, it was the top rope snaps."

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