Report: Backstage Reaction To Mark Carrano's WWE Departure Revealed

Carrano was fired on Thursday

Former Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano was fired by WWE on Thursday. His departure came shortly after Mickie James revealed she received her belongings in a garbage bag and other released talent noted they had received the same treatment. 

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and John Laurinaitis then tweeted that the person responsible had been fired. 

Following Carrano's release, Fightful Select spoke to several wrestlers and there was a range of responses to his departure.

Former WWE Superstars were said to have favoured Carrano being let go and many either disliked or loathed him. Multiple former wrestlers described him as a "snake" while others simply said "f*ck Mark Carrano." 

Current WWE Superstars and staff said they could see his firing coming, particularly after he was replaced as head of talent relations by John Laurinaitis back in March. Many within the company considered his job a "lose-lose" and they believed he was the "fall guy" for the trash bag situation, although the belongings being sent in such a way was how he usually handled departures. 

One Superstar wasn't as negative about Carrano and noted many who had issues with him had a problem with the office as a whole. The wrestler also said Carrano didn't discipline people in a hurtful or condescending way. He also tried to improve pay for referees, which others in his position had not tried to do. 

A "longtime WWE name" also expects Carrano to return to the company at some point because he knows "where too many bodies are buried." They did note it was difficult to take Carrano at his word, however. 

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