Report: Brock Lesnar, WWE Title Moving To Raw, Universal Title Stays On SmackDown

So that settles that...

The angle from Friday night's SmackDown, in which WWE Champion Brock Lesnar formally quit SmackDown in order to seek vengeance on Raw's Rey Mysterio, seemed to untie a storyline knot.

After The Fiend defeated Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel to win the Universal title, both top belts ended up on the blue brand. Though Survivor Series could have been a way to undo that arrangement, Lesnar's storyline quitting settles things already.

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that the plan going forward is for Lesnar to be a Raw talent, and brings the belt with him. Therefore, there are unlikely to be any stakes at Survivor Series involving inter-brand matches for titles.

This also effectively ends The Fiend's rivalry with Seth Rollins, since they're on different brands, and there is now no reason for ferrying the Universal title back to Raw.

Lesnar was SmackDown's top pick on the second day of October's Draft.

Though he's rumored to possibly need knee surgery, Cain Velasquez is not assigned to a specific brand, so if need be, he could easily appear on Raw to flank Mysterio in countering Lesnar.

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