Report: CM Punk Not Involved With Hangman Page Being Sent Away From AEW Collision

Hangman Page's promo was reportedly moved to another location for a different reason

An incident reportedly occurred over the weekend after Hangman Page was originally booked to record a pre-tape interview at the Greensboro Coliseum on Saturday, August 12. The building was playing host to AEW Collision and it was noted that Page was told to do the interview away from the building. 

Many in the AEW locker room believe that Punk was responsible for Hangman Page being sent away but PWInsider Elite has reported that sources within All Elite Wrestling have claimed that Page was not "removed" from Saturday's AEW Collision taping. Instead, Page was simply told the location of the promo had been moved to a different place, "which had zero to do with CM Punk." 

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful also noted that Punk was "sincerely confused" about Page being sent from Collision. 

"On a serious note, I can say I have also heard that CM Punk sent an apology to Hangman Page. He also seemed sincerely confused about the story regarding Hangman being booted from Collision. I realize that coincidence may be too much for some to believe, but he's been quite forward about not welcoming Nemeth there. I will have more on Select today. As is tradition," SRS tweeted.

Page reportedly lives in the Greensboro area which is why AEW planned to film the pre-tape interview on Saturday. Page was not sent on the road by AEW and then sent home, unlike Ryan Nemeth

While Punk was allegedly not involved in keeping Hangman away from Collision, the two-time AEW World Champion did take shots at Page in a promo after the show. It has since emerged that Punk's comments were supposed to be a joke and he apologised to Page by text message. PWInsider noted Punk sent the apology on Sunday morning but it is unknown if Page responded. 

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