Report: Further Details On Terry Funk's Passing Revealed

More details on Terry Funk’s passing

The wrestling world recently bid farewell to the legendary Terry Funk, with the iconic veteran wrestler passing away aged 79 on August 23.

News of Funk’s passing was broken by Mick Foley with the blessing of Funk’s family, and a new report from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shed some more light on the former NWA and ECW World Champion’s condition in his final days.

Whilst Funk’s declining health was known, Funk’s family kept secret the nature of his condition, and also kept secret about what ailment Funk was dealing with. The hardcore icon had been in hospice care for the past several months with it known that he didn’t have long left to live, after living in an assisted living scenario for a period of time. 

Funk had also been dealing with dementia for ‘some time’ with his condition worsening in recent months.

With a career spanning over 50 years, Funk had picked up several nagging injuries, with his knees and back in particular said to have been in poor shape for decades. Metlzer’s report goes on to suggest that Funk had been in particularly poor health since recovering from hernia surgery in 2016, with Funk returning to the road quicker than advised as to not let down Tommy Dreamer, with Funk booked for a House of Hardcore show around the time of his hospitalisation in 2016.

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