Report: Ric Flair Complained To Vince McMahon About Charlotte's Booking Before WWE Release

Ric Flair was unhappy about his daughter's booking

Ric Flair voiced his unhappiness with daughter Charlotte Flair's recent booking before his WWE release. 

The Nature Boy was released by WWE yesterday, only one year into his new deal with the company. A report from Fightful Select noted Flair had grown frustrated with "certain booking decisions on the show." He requested and was granted his release as a result.

According to Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, Ric took issue with Charlotte's Flair recent booking and texted Vince McMahon directly about it. He subsequently departed the company.

"He had sent a message, I think it was a text message, but he'd sent a message to Vince McMahon and it was basically complaining about Charlotte's booking, her situation, and now he's gone," Meltzer said. 

Meltzer also claimed Ric Flair did not request his release and it was a Vince McMahon decision to let him go.

"I've seen it said that it was his decision to leave and I just know from people who I know who are closer to the situation than I am that say it was Vince's decision," he added.

Regardless of if Flair requested his release or not, he has departed the company. 

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