Report: Some In WWE 'Upset' That The Company Didn't Sign Will Ospreay

Unhappiness in WWE over failure to sign Will Ospreay

Back in November 2023, it was announced that upon the expiration of his New Japan Pro Wrestling deal, Will Ospreay would be joining AEW. In February, he officially arrived in AEW, competing at the Revolution PPV in a well-received match against Konosuke Takeshita. 

Ospreay himself revealed that there were some discussions with WWE, and reports indicated that some of the reasoning for him choosing AEW was a better monetary offer and a better schedule. Even though he joined AEW, there are reportedly some in WWE who aren’t overly happy with the fact that the company failed to land him, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“With Will, it was just that they saw him as maybe AJ Styles when he first came in, maybe not even at that level because AJ Styles had a little bit of a name in the United States from TNA. Not realizing that again, he's at a different level...and so much better personality, but I mean, the whole thing and more, so much more charisma. But the thing is not that AJ doesn't have charisma or anything like that and that he is not a great wrestler. AJ when he first came in there, and still now he's a super talented guy, but the thing with Ospreay, it's I know people in that company who are very, very high on him, and that were very upset. I don't say very upset, but upset surely they didn't get him because they knew he was this good. And they just thought that he's a guy who can be like a real major player here."

Ospreay’s next steps in AEW see him battle Bryan Danielson at the first ever AEW Dynasty PPV in April.

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