Report: Today's WWE Raw Tapings Described As "Chaos"

Vince is in a "volatile" mood...

At the last set of Monday Night Raw tapings on July 20, WWE scrapped numerous planned angles and storylines including the revival of The Nation Of Domination and a victory for Asuka against Sasha Banks. Filming was also delayed by over an hour. 

The situation seemingly hasn't improved at the latest round of tapings as the company is set to tape the August 3 and August 10 editions of Raw today, but Gary Cassidy at Sportskeeda has reported the situation backstage is chaotic due to a lack of leadership and indecisiveness. The whole situation has also left Vince McMahon in a "volatile" mood.

Cassidy tweeted: "From what I've been told, today's #WWERAW is apparently 'totally unprepared' and 'chaos from the top.' Two shows are being taped, with the first is changing on the fly while the second is still apparently incomplete. That should make for interesting viewing if nothing else!

"Apparently there's a lack of leadership & a lot of stress due to the indecisiveness. I've been told, 'The shows will happen and air, but there's no attainable goal of quality because everything is decided under the pressure cooker of it all coming down to the very last minute.'

"I should add, I've lost count how many consecutive weeks I've been told there's chaos, multiple re-writes, etc going into RAW and SmackDown and of course the show always goes on. However, the stuff I've been told about what's going on today seems even wilder than usual.

"One more exact quote. Vince's mood is described as 'volatile' as a result of the indecisiveness and chaos of today."

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