Shane McMahon Introduces WWE Raw Underground

Lucha Underground this is not...

Ahead of last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE suddenly announced Shane McMahon would be returning to the red brand. The Boy Wonder had been "fired" back in October 2019 after he lost a Ladder match against Kevin Owens on SmackDown and he has been working backstage ever since. 

Shane's intentions were quickly revealed as he introduced the audience at home to Raw Underground, a shoot-style fight club in which competitors fight in a ring with no ropes while women in bikinis dance in the background. The concept was also used to debut Dabba-Kato, the former Babatunde, who proceeded to destroy two unnamed fighters. 

The broadcast returned to the fight club throughout the show and we later saw Erik and Dolph Ziggler defeat more unnamed fighters. Then, just before Raw went off the air, The Hurt Business took over the new setting and proceeded to beat up the crowd and former commentator Dio Maddin. The former Best In The World then told them they can return anytime. 

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