Report: Update On Brock Lesnar's Status For WWE SummerSlam

Will The Beast be at SummerSlam?

Unless WWE has changed their plans, Brock Lesnar will not be in action at SummerSlam, according to Andrew Zarian of The Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast

"I do not believe Brock is happening. If it does I would be surprised. With that said, I will say WWE had a list of names they wanted for the show - mega names. Brock was one of those. I don't know if Brock was a contractual thing where they didn't feel the money was right to bring him back now," Zarian said.

He later added: "I do not think he's on this card. If he is, it would have been that something changed from the early plannings... As of today, he's not set for that show."

Past reports noted that Lesnar was brought up in early planning for The Biggest Party Of The Summer, but doubts about him being on the show emerged when Dave Meltzer reported The Beast Incarnate vs. Bobby Lashley wasn't on the card as of late May. 

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