Sammy Guevara: 'Genius' Chris Jericho Has Taught Me So Many Lessons In AEW

The two have been linked since October 2019

Sammy Guevara has described Inner Circle leader Chris Jericho as a 'genius', saying he has taught him so much during their time together in All Elite Wrestling.

Guevara has been aligned with Jericho since the very first episode of AEW Dynamite, attacking Cody Rhodes, and the 27-year-old has opened up on his relationship with the Demo God.

Speaking to Busted Open Radio, when asked about times Jericho gave him advice, Guevara said: “Man there’s so many. Just taking your time in between the moments, structuring certain things. He’s such a mastermind at this. There’s a reason he’s been doing this longer than I’ve been alive.

"And so anytime he says something I always try to just take it. And even if I don’t see what he’s seeing, I try to understand it from where he’s coming from. Then by the end of it I’m like ‘okay, now this makes sense.’

"He kind of has a different way of thinking. I don’t even know. He’s a genius. There’s so many lessons this dude has taught me and too many to really say, to be honest."

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