Report: Update On WWE's New Deal With Twitch

More on WWE's new deal with Twitch

Further details on WWE's new deal with Twitch have been revealed.

It emerged this week that WWE had reached an agreement with Twitch to allow wrestlers to stream on the platform. Talents will be able to do so with "almost no restrictions", but they do need to seek clearance from WWE if they plan to feature people who aren't signed with the company on their Twitch channels. 

Revenue from Twitch streams will be split between Twitch, the talent, and WWE. In an update, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer noted the money WWE will receive comes from the Twitch side as opposed to directly from talent. 

Alvarez tweeted: "It is confirmed through talent that WWE's Twitch cut is from the Twitch side, not the talent side."

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast also reported WWE talent will receive a larger cut than other creators on the platform in what has been called a "very talent-friendly deal."

Zarian stated: "Spoke to a source regarding the Twitch deal with WWE. According to them, WWE execs negotiated for talent to get a larger cut than other creators on the platform. This was described to me as a 'very talent-friendly deal.'"

WWE main roster talents were previously banned from using third-party platforms like Twitch and Cameo following a Vince McMahon edict in the autumn of 2020. It emerged in April 2022 this edict would be relaxed but it took longer than expected for WWE to agree a deal with Twitch. 

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