Report: Vince McMahon And Triple H Were Not Backstage For WWE TLC

They instead took part in a conference call.

Vince McMahon and Triple H normally produce WWE pay-per-views from the gorilla position, with numerous documentaries showing them greeting Superstars before and after their matches.

This was not the case for TLC however, as Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Online that neither McMahon nor Triple H were backstage for the event. Instead, they were part of a conference call before TLC which allowed McMahon to set up the show how he wanted to. During the event itself, Paul Heyman oversaw Raw's matches while Bruce Pritchard oversaw SmackDown's matches.

While there has been no official confirmation as to why they missed TLC, both Triple H and McMahon have been much busier with other endeavours since September. The Game's schedule has been full since NXT made the transition to weekly TV. McMahon has also been occupied by his attempts to reboot the XFL, with its inaugural season set to begin on February 8th.

Meltzer penned: "Neither Vince McMahon nor Paul Levesque were in Minneapolis yesterday. They were conferenced in on the meeting and the show was put together the way Vince wanted it to. But he was not in Gorilla nor producing the announcers during the show. We were told that Paul Heyman was in charge of the Raw matches and Bruce Prichard in charge of Smackdown matches."

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