Report: WWE Legends 'Frustrated' With Merch

nWo members are unhappy with their WWE merch

There are some WWE legends who are not too happy with a recent amendment made to some WWE merchandise. The members of the iconic nWo faction are reportedly displeased with the fact that their famous logo has been meddled with on recent t-shirt designs. Although the nWo faction came to WWE in 2002, it must be noted that they were fully a product of WCW, so the fact that WWE has now included their very own company logo into the nWo logo has left people frustrated. Fightful Select gave some information on the matter. 

“We’ve heard that numerous New World Order members felt like that including the WWE logo underneath the NWO logo undermined the spirit of the shirt. WWE's merchandise is all handled through Fanatics, who were made aware of the frustration.”

The report went on to further discuss other issues that talents were having with merchandise, specifically regarding the shirts that have big designs sprawled across the back. 

“There was a point of frustration with WWE including the “authentic wear” tag at the bottom of the shirt, and also insisting that many of the shirts have text on the back. The talent said they remember numerous wrestlers expressing discontent with that and believing that it negatively affected sales.”

It was also noted that there is no update as of yet on if WWE will remove their logo from the nWo merchandise.

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Written by Andrew Kelly