Report: WWE Targeting Teen & 18-34 Demographic Heavily With Raw

Paul Heyman era rolls on...

WWE are reportedly going to be pushing hard for their younger audience on WWE Raw going forward.

A report from Fightful claims that this week's show will see a heavy focus on that crucial 18-34 demographic, something new Executive Director Paul Heyman, judging by his track record, is very much suited to.

"WWE is really focusing in on the 18-34 demographic this week, after numbers for teens in particular were way up for the first week under a new Executive Director regime," Fightful's report states.

"Those we've spoken to say that the 'lost generation' of 18-34 is going to be a major target going forward. Paul Heyman himself has been pretty transparent about his role in saying that Vince McMahon will always have the final say, and that changes from Heyman's side are going to take some time," Fightful's report continued.

Fightful have also learned that Heyman has been sitting in the middle of production meetings among the other members of the fabled creative teams in WWE and "has spoken to several team members about Vince McMahon coming to grips with the fact that the program needs to be upgraded."

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