REVEALED: How McKenzie Mitchell Reacted To Her WWE Release

Latest on McKenzie Mitchell's WWE release

WWE carried out a second round of firings earlier this month as the aftermath of the company's merger with UFC under TKO Group Holdings continued. Multiple departments at WWE HQ ended up being gutted but the releases also affected the company's on-screen product once again as NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell was laid off. 

There had been no rumours that more releases were set to take place and Mitchell was caught off guard by her release, as were many others in NXT, according to Fightful Select. Shawn Michaels recently admitted his own surprise at Mitchell's release, noting, "there are a lot of things that go on in this company that are way above me, and this was obviously one of them."

Outside of her WWE NXT roles, Mitchell had been a host of WWE's The Bump. She is married to NXT commentator Vic Joseph. 

Following her release, Mitchell reflected on her time as part of the company, tweeting: "Today I was released by WWE. I met my husband, moved cross country from CT to FL for WWE NXT (a place I’ve always considered home), and met friends that became like family. I've always said and firmly believe in 'when door closes, another opens.'"

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