Rhea Ripley On Her Big November, Loving The Miz Growing Up

She challenges for the NXT Women's Championship on December 18th.

NXT's Rhea Ripley had an extremely busy November. She was part of NXT's invasion of Raw and SmackDown, competing in matches against Becky Lynch and pinning Charlotte Flair. She then led NXT's women to victory in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match, and emerged victorious against Team Baszler inside WarGames over a single weekend.

During a recent interview with SportingNews, Ripley discussed what the past month has been like. She said: "It's all such amazing things that have been going on. There's not really one thing that stands out the most to me. I guess that whole week where Wednesday night on NXT I got to wrestle Becky, that was pretty amazing. It's something that I've always wanted to do. And then going on SmackDown and wrestling Charlotte and Sasha and actually pulling out the victory was just absolutely insane to me. I wasn't expecting that at all. Then at WarGames, I've always wanted to be in a match where I could use weapons and to have that in that week [...] things that I was doing were just insane. I was so just happy and so ecstatic and I just wanted to hit people with things."

As the interview progressed Ripley was asked about The Miz. While growing up, Ripley described how she idolised the former WWE Champion, but that she didn't get to spend any time with him while at SmackDown, apart from an awkward interaction backstage.

She elaborated: "I was too scared. Oh man. I feel like the biggest dork saying that. I grew up loving The Miz, absolutely adoring him and then to see him at work, casually, I was like 'No, I can't talk to him.' I actually accidentally ran into him once. He was leaving the medical room and I was going to go in and we did that whole awkward step to the side [...] I think I went bright red, to be honest. I think I went bright red and was like 'I'm so sorry.' I just stepped out of the way and was like I can't do it."

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