Riddle Reveals RK-Bro Was Only Supposed To Be A One-Night WWE Tag Team

The team have become one of the most over acts in WWE

With a WWE RAW Tag Team Title reign under the belt, and some of the loudest reactions every week, it’s fair to say that RK-Bro are one of the most popular acts in all of WWE at the moment.

However, Riddle has revealed that his team with Randy Orton was originally meant to be a one-night deal, telling Mark Andrews on My Love Letter to Wrestling:

“Teaming with Randy Orton, it was supposed to be one time. He was supposed to turn on me on night one. Then Vince, the crowd, and everybody liked it so much, they were like, ‘Are you guys willing to see if this works?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ We liked working with each other. We were friendly. Randy was gone for like three months and I just kept the team afloat, always talking about Randy. I was always talking about Randy and they were like, ‘He’ll be back soon.’ I had no idea when he was coming back.”

Outside of the ring, the two have struck up a friendship:

“When it comes to sports entertainment, the guy gets it, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount,” Riddle said. “It’s just timing and it’s awesome hanging out with Randy. If I’m being honest, the guy is really cool. He makes me laugh, I try to make him laugh, and we have a lot of fun. Even though we are so different on screen, me and Randy are quite alike in real life. We laugh at the same jokes. We like the same food. We like the same entertainment. We have a lot in common. We get along a lot, and it’s made this transition as a team so much easier. We have so much fun.”

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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