Rob Van Dam Admits He Was Never "Real Comfortable" In WWE

RVD never felt untouchable

While Rob Van Dam was a featured star during his multiple WWE runs, including reigns as WWE Champion, ECW Champion and Intercontinental Champion, the WWE Hall Of Famer revealed he was "never real comfortable" in the company because he never felt untouchable. 

"I, for some reason, I was never real comfortable in WWE, you know? People are like every time someone gets fired now, which I mean, it is, you know, pretty crazy how often they've been doing that, but the world is always shocked. Like, 'Oh my god.' I think even when I was champion, I never felt untouchable. They humbled me so much. You know, they give you plans. 'We're gonna do this...' After so much of it, it humbled me to where I'm like, 'Oh, I'm not fired? Okay, that's cool,'" Van Dam said on Cafe de Rene.

While he may have feared being fired, WWE never released The Whole F'n Show and he departed the company in 2007 following the expiry of his contract before he returned for two short returns in 2013 and 2014 as an in-ring performer. 

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