Rob Van Dam Comments On CM Punk Having A Big Ego

RVD thinks CM Punk really does believe he is 'the best'

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has given his opinion on the CM Punk controversy that arose in the wake of AEW All Out. 

Speaking during a recent Inside The Ropes live event, The Whole F'N Show claimed the Straight-Edge Superstar has as big an ego as anyone he has ever met in the wrestling business. 

In Van Dam's estimation, this is because Punk really believes he is 'the best'. 

"Anyway, CM Punk probably has as big of an ego as anybody I can think of that I met in the business. I'm not saying that necessarily in a bad way. Depends on how you take it, but I think that he believes that he really is the best, you know, the best in the world. I learned years ago, that strippers can be fun to date, as long as they can leave the gimmick at work and not bring it home and be normal at home.

"If you're able to come back in the dressing room and still be that guy in the ring, that say they really believes you're the best in the world, and you're ready to prove it or whatever, then you know, the business looks at someone like that as like 'Dude, you're believing your own hype'.

"There's nobody on their own that is moving the industry, it's everybody together. So being around him just feeling his energy, I feel like he believes that. Hey, these guys make it to the top, the guys who believe in themselves the most, the guys who do the promos that convince you they really think they're the best. They are the ones who make it to the top. They're also the ones that I can't stand because I think they're f*cking crazy".

Van Dam and Punk shared locker rooms as members of the ECW roster in 2006/07 and again when RVD made his WWE comeback in 2013.

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