Ronda Rousey Appears To Retire From WWE

Ronda Rousey appears to be done with WWE

Ronda Rousey looks to be finished with WWE, this time for good. 

Rousey "left" WWE following SummerSlam in early August, with the former SmackDown Women's Champion putting over her close friend Shayna Baszler on the way out in their MMA Rules Match. It emerged ahead of the pay-per-view that Rousey had informed WWE she would be taking time away from the company following SummerSlam and the expectation was she would return at some point in the future but that no longer looks like it's happening. 

Taking to Instagram, Rousey instead hinted she has retired from WWE, writing: "'Sorry, I couldn't hear you through my retirement.' Bernie Lumen."

Rousey made her WWE debut back at Royal Rumble 2018 and she had a one-year run in the company until WrestleMania 35, winning the Raw Women's Championship in the process. Rousey then returned at Royal Rumble 2022 and she added two SmackDown Women's Title reigns and a run with the Women's Tag Team Championships to her accolades before seemingly retiring. 

There had been rumours of Rousey possibly returning to UFC but the speculation was quashed by Dana White

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