RUSH Fined & Suspended Following ROH Final Battle

RUSH lashed out after his shock loss at ROH Final Battle

In one of the more confusing moments of ROH Final Battle, A.R. Fox and Blake Christian got a shock win over La Faccion Ingobernable when the ref counted a pinfall on Dralistico after a Fox 450, even though it appeared that Dralistico got the shoulder up. Consider the booking of LFI and more importantly LFI figurehead RUSH in ROH this seemed like a botch, compounded by Fox’s reaction to the win with many assuming this match a simple lay-up for LFI.

Post-match, LFI attacked their opponents and the ref, swung chairs, and caused mayhem, presumably to get their heat back, and a tweet from Jose the Assistant suggests that RUSH has been fined and suspended for his actions:

"RUSH 'assaulted' a Referee. We got fined $$ for using chairs. We've been SUSPENDED for a week by #AEW. Preston didn’t get too involved and isn't suspended. You can't fool the fans, they know the match ending was BULLS*** #ROHFinalBattle #LaFaccionIngobernable."

It’s unclear if this is a real suspension or a kayfabe one, and it is unknown if Dralistico has received any punishment for his role in the post-match shenanigans due to Final Battle being his ROH debut, and having never before appeared for AEW.

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