RVD Recalls Frustrations When Working With Triple H

RVD simply couldn't beat The Game...

Rob Van Dam has elaborated on the issues he encountered while working with Triple H during his early days in WWE.

Speaking with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, the Whole F'N Show said this about working with Vince McMahon's son-in-law: 

"I remember being very humbled. I think the fact, I'm winning, I'm winning, Triple H comes out, hits me with a Pedigree just over and over and over. How many times do we have to tell this story that I can't beat this guy no matter what?".

RVD and The Game clashed several times on television in the early 2000s, as well as in a World Heavyweight Title match at the Unforgiven 2002 pay-per-view. All four of their televised singles meetings were won by Triple H. 

Van Dam admits he was unhappy with their working situation (and the disproportionate booking) at the time, but has gained a different perspective since.

"I mean, I wasn't happy about the situation at the time. Again, competitive state of mind, you don't look at it when you're across the ring from him and you're both competing for the love of the crowd. You don't look at it like, 'Hey, this guy is, not a CEO, but whatever his position was at the time, is qualified to make important decisions. He sits in the meetings. He's one of the guys that directs the paths of where the whole show is going'.

"You don't look at it like that. You look at it more like, 'It's not fair just because he's with the boss' daughter'. Really, there's so many more variables to it that you just don't consider at that time. A lot of wrestlers don't grow enough to see the whole picture. So forever, their opinion will be like it is in the book they wrote where they're like, 'If it wasn't for him, I would have had a great career'. But you know, really, it is what it is".

Despite his frustrations back then, the WWE Hall of Famer enjoyed the matches he had with The Cerebral Assassin and credits him for his in-ring ability. 

"But looking back, I had great matches with him. He's a really good wrestler. At the time, I don't even think I could have admitted that just because I felt more like puffing my chest out and trying to fight for every inch I could get".

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