Ryback Says Triple H Will Leave WWE When He Turns 65

Could the line of succession be in jeopardy...

Ever since Triple H took on more of a corporate role within WWE, the expectation amongst fans has been that The Game and his wife Stephanie McMahon will run the company after Vince McMahon finally stands aside.

This expectation has been put into doubt, however, as former WWE Superstar Ryback recently said on his YouTube channel that Triple H "doesn't want to stick around past 65." The Cerebral Assassin recently celebrated his 51st birthday which would leave him in control for 14 years if Vince decided to retire today. However, the boss has given no hints that he plans to step away from the wrestling behemoth anytime soon.

The former Intercontinental Champion said: "Hunter, from the information that I have been told, that doesn't want to stick around past 65. And it's gonna be who's gonna get the company once Vince goes because we're getting to that point. There's gonna come a point. I know his mother is 100 or whatever and he's, you know, I'm sure is hoping he gets up there. 

"But I think with his steroid use and everything, I don't think it happens. He's around the age when that stuff really hits you and I think we've seen with the way he's aged, I just don't see it ending well personally with him and his history and abuse of those things. I don't know, we'll see though."

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