Seth Rollins Turns Heel On WWE Raw, Possible Faction Teased

Could we see a return of Corporate Rollins?

Following Raw's performance at Survivor Series, in which they were outperformed by both NXT and Friday Night SmackDown, Seth Rollins called a "town hall" meeting to open last night's broadcast. 

After the Raw Superstars gathered around the ring, Rollins simply began: "last night at Survivor Series, you all sucked."

The Beast Slayer then echoed United States President Donald Trump. He talked about how Raw went from being the A show to the C Show, exclaiming: "we need to make this place great again." - referencing Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

The Architect went on to berate several of his colleagues. He called out Randy Orton, describing him as the weak link in the men's Survivor Series team. Orton quickly decided he had had enough, even performing an obscene hand gesture as he left.

Rey Mysterio was next on The Architect's hit list. Having lost to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar the night before, Rollins admonished Mysterio, saying:

"Last night more than anybody, you let all of us down. I beat Brock Lesnar two times this year. Brought the title back to Raw. You couldn't even get the job done with a lead pipe and your stupid kid helping you out."

Later in the segment, all of Raw's Superstars exited ringside, having had enough of the former universal champion's antics. All, except Kevin Owens.

Rollins then berated K.O. describing him as lazy, and telling him he will never be Seth Rollins. Owens responded with a Stunner, setting up the night's main event.

The match itself was a back and forth contest between the two former world champions. However, it ended in a disqualification after the AOP attacked Owens. Rollins awaited their assault, but they instead retreated, teasing a possible alliance between the three Superstars.

To watch the opening segment from last night's episode of Raw, see below:

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