Shawn Michaels Provides Update On The New Day's WWE NXT Status

WWE’s The New Day recently rocked up to NXT, but will they be sticking around?

2022 has seen more collaboration between main roster WWE and NXT, with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Rhea Ripley heading to NXT to work programmes.

The latest main roster act to appear in an NXT ring was The New Day, as the team of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston challenged NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly to a match at NXT Deadline. Ahead of their match, NXT head Shawn Michaels was asked on the pre-Deadline media call if The New Day have a future on the brand, with Michaels saying the following:

"We never go into it asking for long-term, we kind of take everybody's temperature when they come here and hope that it does. We understand if it doesn't and the commitments, but I'll say this, they really enjoyed being here Tuesday and I know that there is an aspect, Xavier started here and has wanted to come back for a long time. It's amazing, the two young guys, and they've been doing this for a long time and have accomplished everything. They get to that point where they want to start to be able to give back and I think that's where New Day is.

“I won't lie, I am absolutely hoping to take advantage of that. They really had a great time and we are going to try and do everything we can to keep them here as long as we can. I asked them if we could broach those conversations and they were certainly open to it. I'm really hoping it's certainly more than a one-time thing. It just becomes a question of how long. Those are always the questions and we understand that, those are the ones that they have to think about and talk with family members and those are things that have to get straightened out with NXT and main roster talents, but they appear to be open to the conversation, which we are very excited about," Michaels said.

Later in the call, Michaels spoke of how deals to bring main roster talents to NXT take place:

"There are a lot of main roster talent that have NXT roots and a lot of them like to come back and help out. We have a lot of them that live here in Orlando, that's a big advantage to us as well. Usually, the process is something like, if we're thinking about from a creative standpoint and we have it at X date, I do everything I can to get on the horn to Hunter [Triple H] and Bruce (Prichard), and see what the possibility is. Then, there are some, I don't know whether it's right or not, I take advantage of the cool titles and, 'Hey, this is a quick one out of the blue, this is what we need. Can we get someone on the quick?' That's obviously more difficult and it's not always… if we can get to somebody, but we're not sure who. It is a number of different ways and we've done every one of them at one point or another," Michaels said.

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